Looking for a multi-faceted, full-service solution? See our JumpSmart program for details.

People come to me because I find solutions to the obstacles between their vision and the tangible realization of their dreams. With my help you will reach your goals faster, achieve higher profits, enjoy better quality engagement, and discover new ways of doing things, easier and more cost-effectively than if you set out into the great unknown alone.

Here’s a short list of just some of the services I provide regularly:

  • Consulting, Coaching & Education
  • Social Media Management
  • Social Media Content Creation
  • Creating Collaborative Teams
  • CrowdSourcing and Crowdfunding
  • JumpSmart your Organization or Endeavor
  • Event Promotions using Social Media & More
  • Hosting Setup & Configuration for WordPress Blogs
  • Basic WordPress Installation & Setup
  • Monthly WordPress security & maintenance
  • Blog/Website/Business Consulting
  • Install & Edit Themes, Plugins & Widgets
  • Incorporate Social Media Tools
  • Advanced Marketing Consulting
  • WordPress & Social Media Coaching
  • Idea Cultivation, Development & Motivation
  • Outsourcing & Automation
  • Muse Development & Monetization
  • Content Production and Development

After I know more about you and your needs, then we can discuss rates specific to your situation. In general, my consulting rates are $130 per hour, unless you purchase a package deal or special program. Under some conditions or situations my fees can be adjusted downward to accommodate non-profits and those facing economic challenges. Here’s a good article that explains what professionals in my line of work usually charge for similar services – How Much Does Social Media Cost?

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